Student Composition, Registrations and Admissions

The SSVM Public School was never seen as a neighbourhood school but as a national school with moral obligations to the neighbourhood and to those less privileged.

We are expected to replicate at a micro level the composition of our nation, in terms of regional, ethnic, social, financial and professional diversity.

We are also committed to maintain a healthy balance of boys & girls. This would be pointless if we do not encourage parents to provide their daughters equal opportunity for a good education. Equally we welcome the children of our old students, who are loyal, supportive and have played an important role in the growth and development of this institution.

Registrations: No student can be considered for admission unless he or she is registered in advance. Registration by itself does not guarantee admission. Admission is normally intimated in December and a place offered for the new academic session in April of the following year.

Admissions will be made by the Principal and his/her decision will be final.